Allen J Johnston

Author of The Divine Series

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The Divine Apprentice

The first novel in The Divine Series

Kade looks up at his executioner with no fear or hate, watching . . .waiting. At six months old, he could hardly do much more as his grandfather agonizes over the task of taking the life of his only grandson.

Born with the rare ability to control the Divine, Kade has the potential to become one of the most powerful Chosen to ever exist. Taken from his parents, at the age of ten, by his grandfather, a Master Chosen, Kade is taught to harness the power of the Divine for good. After a decade of training, Kade learns the harsh reality of the dangerous world he is about to be thrust into, as his Master is brutally murdered right before his eyes. Kade soon realizes he is next.

With the help of a dragon, a species thought to have been a myth, and a feisty Essence Guardian, Kade must discover who - or what - is trying to eradicate his kind, before the Chosen are brought to extinction.

The Divine Path

The second novel in The Divine Series

When the spirit of Kade's deceased master shows up in his bedroom, it can only mean one thing; Kade's part in the fight with Morg is not over. In fact . . . it has only just begun.

Having completed the task of informing the remaining Master Chosen about who has been hunting their kind, Kade believed that his part in this battle was over. Being only an apprentice, what more could he do?

Kade retreats to his parents' home, hoping to have a chance at some peace and quiet while spending time with Darcienna. However, the appearance of his master's spirit plunges him, Darcienna and Rayden back into danger. He must race to rescue a Master Chosen from the clutches of the evil Morg. Not only does the Master Chosen's life hang in the balance but a species of sentient spiders may be wiped out if Kade is not able to change the tide of battle. Will Kade's gift of unlimited Divine Power be enough to save so many that count on him for their survival?

The Divine Unleashed

The third novel in The Divine Series

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While still struggling to control the Divine Power, Kade races to stay one step ahead of the Evil Master Chosen, Morg. With every heart pounding moment, he feels the man closing in on him as he desperately tries to understand what tangled web he has been drawn into.

After ten years of intense training, and one month of being on the run, Kade begins to realize that he is a pawn in a much larger plot. He quickly learns that the key to understanding what role he plays in this dangerous game of cat and mouse lies within the Arch of the Ancients. Unfortunately, the man who hunts him is also searching for the long lost doorway to the land of the dead.

The Apprentice Chosen embraces his fate with a vengeance and decides to turn the hunter into the hunted. With his gift of limitless Divine Power and his faithful dragon at his side, he plans his revenge...even if it means he must sacrifice his own life.

The Divine Forest

The fourth novel in The Divine Series

A new army is on the hunt and they won’t stop until the Chosen and all who support them are found and killed.

Fierce, brave and naive - a young Chosen struggling to control the Divine Power - Kade was willing to give everything to save all sentient beings…even his life.  Now that the arch to the land of the dead is secure, he must continue on his dan
gerous quest to find four ancient books that hold the secrets to the Ancient Staff.

All avenues exhausted, freeing the Master Chosen Valdry is now his final hope in discovering where the Crystal Forest is hidden.  The mystery deepens when Kade comes face to face with a powerful entity that makes ending his life its highest priority.  His quest for the ancient tomes will take him into parts of the world where man has not set foot in over a thousand years.  The only question is, will Kade survive long enough to find that which he seeks or will he lead his faithful companions to certain death?