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Does social media help book marketing?

This is a tough one.  Social media can help, but it depends.  If you just start throwing your money at Facebook and hope it will get you what you want, you money will flee from you faster than a gazelle from a lion.  I happen to be in a decent position where I can and have tried social media to a great extent, spending lots of money to make sure of my results.  For the most part, it is not worth the money.  The amount of book sales you need to recover your cost for adds on Facebook is tough.  If you have just one book, you definitely are going to have a difficult time recovering your money.  If you have a series, like myself, you can promote the first and see much of it returned as the readers pick up your next books.  Now, where Facebook has made a difference is in my book signings.  Surprised?  This is a very powerful tool for your book signing.  We all dream of showing up to our book signing and seeing people lined up waiting for us.  However, to be honest, it is very rare.  I would even say its around 1%.  Unless you already make millions and have a publicist that gets you all over radio and TV, chances are you will walk up to a table with some of your books already there but no line.  IT'S OKAY.  You are there to meet people and have fun.  Make that your focus.  I will make another post about book signings next week that will help your book signing.

Okay, I am off track a little so lets focus.  Facebook.  What you do is make a post on your author page.  Let me stop for a second and ask a question that should have a positive answer.  You do have an author page on Facebook, right?  Yes?  Okay, good, you are taking being an author serious.  So, you make a post on Facebook about your book signing.  On the bottom, you will see where you can boost the post.  Do this BUT specify where you want this to show up.  If you don't, someone in Australia is going to wonder why they are seeing your post when you are in Detroit.  I suggest specifying a state or maybe even a city.  For roughly $30, you can expect to get 6000 views.  If you are in a small state, someone may enjoy traveling a short distance, but I would consider sticking to a city, if your city is large.  Most book signings are in cities that have a decent population.  If you have a book that is doing well on Amazon and other places, you can expect people to come in and say, "I saw you were having a book signing and wanted to come meet you."  What a great feeling.  It even makes you feel like a celebrity.  So, yes, using social media can be a benefit, as long as you use it wisely.

I hope this has been a help.  Please comment below if you have anything that can aid your fellow authors in making their dreams flourish.

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