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Author of The Divine Series

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The Divine Unleashed

First, let me say thank you Brian for taking the time to contact me and let me know that you are liking the books. I love when my readers appreciate my work and look forward to my next release.

The wait is over. My next book is being released Saturday, Feb 22, 2014. I believe it is going to be my best book yet. Kade makes alliances with unlikely allies and struggles to overcome his own internal battles. The question is, will the power he wields corrupt him? Will he lose himself as so many other Chosen have done in the past? The old adage that power corrupts is something that Kade finds applies very much to himself as he struggles to maintain his values. The temptation is definitely there but can he turn his back on so much power? Read on and see how Kade deals with each include the obstacle of love. Thanks all and please feel free to comment here. I very much enjoy when my readers connect with me.