Allen J Johnston

Author of The Divine Series

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Things are looking great

I am getting more and more attention with my books as my reader base increases. It is definitely exciting. When I hear freed back from reviewers that say I should pursue this for movie, it makes my head spin just a little. I don't want to put the horse before the cart but the thought is exciting. For now, I want to focus on keeping my books on track with the story line.

I love sitting down and letting Kade's adventure unfold onto my computer screen. Its definitely exciting to see my characters come to life more and more as people get to know them. For me, when I read a series where I get attached to the characters, I actually feel a loss when I come to the end of the series. If the writer leaves it open for the series to continue, it gives me hope. I don't like saying good bye to people who come to matter in my life. If you devour words like I do, you know what I mean. So, with that said, I can assure you that my characters should be around for decades. I have the next five books planned out with many more to follow. I am confident you will not be disappointed. Now, it is time for me to jump back into the final touches of The Divine Unleashed. Yes, you will see me mention that many times but it is a slow process as I want to make sure you have the highest quality story when you are reading. Plot, character development and story line must be perfect. Although there will be a small mistake here or there that may slip through, the story it self should grab you and flow. Now, as I said, back to working on The Divine Unleashed.