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I got to make a kid's birthday special

So today I am sitting at my favorite Barnes and Noble with my daughter. and my daughter have had a long standing Daddy-Daughter date on Saturday night that has spanned for over a decade. She is 20. But, that is besides the point. Maybe later I will expound on that, but for now, I will just stick to the story. So, anyway, we are sitting there and I see a boy about the age of 14 in the fantasy section where my book is. I grin at my daughter and decide to go have some fun. I ask the boy if he is looking for a new book to read. Well, he had been there for 20 minutes already so I know he was being very choosy. Anyway, so I ask and he says yes. I point to my book, of course, and say, "This is a great book. I know, I read it." He picks up the books and smiles. I then say, "I also wrote it." Then he really grinned and looked at his mom, who was wide-eyed as she looked from me to the book and back again. I told her if she likes, I will personalize. It was not long before she was at my table with my book in her hands. It was a birthday present for the boy. Now that made my day as much as it made his. I enjoyed that I got to make a kids birthday special. People can be pretty awesome at times.