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Is FaceBook a good place for authors to advertise

Like  most authors, I have played around with marketing to see what will work and what does not.  I have tried FaceBook to the tune of up to $1,000 just so YOU authors who are trying to watch your pennies do not have to experiment and waste your money.  I have tried FaceBook to advertise my book signings and I have paid close attention to what results I am getting.  I must say, I am extremely disappointed.  I have used the boost feature and I have also created ads.  None seem to really draw in the readers like using Amazon Kindle Select.  I am not trying to advertise for Amazon because, frankly, the way Amazon monopolizes the book selling industry is good for authors, and then its bad.  To use Amazon Kindle Select, you must be EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon, which means no Barnes and Noble, no Apple or any other avenue for your digital books.  WAIT!!!  Before you decide Kindle Select is the bad guy, let me give you just a little more information, and then I will chat about FaceBook once more as this post is about that.  I can say that even when I am on Barnes and Noble, Apple and Amazon, I sell one hundred books on Amazon compared to the one I might sell on Barnes and Noble and Apple.  So, is it bad or is it just the way things are?  You decide.

FaceBook.  I continue to have hope that in someway, FaceBook will be of use.   As of now, if you have only one book published, I would absolutely say NO it is not worth it.  I would also say trying all the FaceBook groups to get your book out there is another area that is a failed experiment.  See, the thing is, there are so many authors posting on those pages that any ad you may put on there gets pushed down quickly and within an hour, it's so far down it might as well have not even been there at all.  You might think that it is great to join a group with 18,000 followers, but that translates to authors who are posting and very few readers who are clicking on your book to buy it.

The positive about FaceBook:  If you are in need of reviews, there are a lot, and I mean a LOT of authors who are looking to exchange reviews.  You need to be picky as you will definitely have authors eager to swap reviews.  Surprisingly, I have found almost all of these authors to be genuine and good people.  Yes, they are hoping for a five star and they are eager to give you a five star, but the interesting thing is, if your material is not worth raving about, most of these authors will just decline to leave a review and be fine with moving on.  They typically will not leave a negative review, which is critical to the life of a book.

In conclusion, FaceBook does have its strengths, but as far as advertising and bringing in the dollars, I would give it a solid thumbs down.  Now, the most important question you should ask is, Author Allen J Johnston, would you still try to advertise on FaceBook?  Well....I will oddly say...yes, because I hope that I may find that something actually works.  It should.  There are so many people on FaceBook that something should, so I will continue to experiment until I find what lights that fire and gets results.  If you have found that something you are doing is working, PLEASE POST so other authors can have a chance.  We authors must support each other because no one else will.  It's why I write these blogs...for you!!!