Allen J Johnston

Author of The Divine Series

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All  About  Allen


Allen J Johnston was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1967.   He grew up on a farm with his parents, Judy and Gary and siblings Daniel, Adam and Wendy.  His path to writing started when he read a Tarzan novel at the age of 13.  This was the first time he felt the addiction to reading.  From there, he has always been on the hunt for the next book that would capture his imagination and keep him searching for that next treasure that would spark his craving for more.  

After reading  a multitude of books by the age of 21, he decided to write the story that has been brewing in his mind for years.  He finished his first trilogy, but before he could pursue publication, his life took a different turn and he put the story in storage as his attention turned to building a family and a career as an Air Traffic Controller.

 He met and married his first wife and had two amazing children, Branden and Kendra.  Kendra would turn out to be a huge influence on him and would change his life forever.  His first son would go on to join the Air Force, following in his father's footsteps, making his father very proud.  At the age of 34 he met his current wife and had two rambunctious children, Cole and Blake.  After twelve years of marriage, he could not be happier.  At the urging of Kendra, he pulled the story off the shelf and cleared away the dust.  Allen is currently an Air Traffic Controller in Lansing, MI.  He is also a pilot and finds that being two miles above the chaos of the everyday life in a plane that is at his control is exhilarating and liberating.